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Sock of the Month Club



icon-gearsHow It Works

Sign up to sell your soul for just $12 a month. Not really, but  with our sock of the month club, you will become a subscriber and get a new pair of Soul Socks delivered to your door each month. No repeats, no rip-offs, no domestic shipping charge, and no ridiculously packed and overpriced retail stores. Pretty sweet deal for premium Pima Cotton socks, huh?

See how the magic happens.  Trust us — it’s easier than putting on a pair of socks.

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icon-heartDoing Some Good

While wacky, the Soul of our Socks is truly about empowerment in the workplace. So we want to do our part to help people feel both confident and prepared during that tremulous job hunt. We’re donating a piece of the proceeds from every pair of Soul Socks sold to a charity focused on preparing students for the job market ahead.

Yeah, we are only selling socks – but we are selling them to the future of America.

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