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Can Body Sock Calm Kids with ASD? Discovering the Magic of Sensory Body Socks

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Hi there, it’s me, the autism helper! I have a question for you: can body sock calm kids with ASD? I work with kids like you every day and I know that the body sock can be super helpful.

That’s why I teamed up with a famous writer from a big news place to give you this cool article.


Can it calm kids with ASD?

Yes, it can calm kids with ASD.

We made it to help moms, dads, and other grown-ups like you who might need help with your child’s feelings.

We want to show you how the body sock can help your child feel better.

Did you know? According to the CDC (1), boys are more than 4 times as likely as girls to have ASD.

Before continuing, let’s hear from Christine, a special needs parent.

Christine is a special needs parent who was looking for ways to help her son, who has autism, manage his sensory needs.

She heard about a body sock from a friend and decided to give it a try.

When she put the sock on her son, he immediately felt calm and safe, like he was in a cozy cocoon.

The body sock became a special tool that helped her son feel more in control of his environment, and it helped him learn how to regulate his emotions better.

Now, Christine and her son use the body sock whenever they need a calming break, and it has become an essential part of their sensory toolkit.

Wondered about body sock? Well, let’s not wait any longer!

Sensory Tool for Sensory Processing Disorders

What is a Body Sock for Your Child?

Can Body Sock Calm Kids with ASD
Source: amazon.com

Have you ever heard of it? It’s like a giant, stretchy sock that you can wear on your whole body! Body socks are used in occupational therapy to help kids with autism feel more in control of their bodies and emotions.

These cool socks come in all sorts of colors and sizes, so you can pick one that’s just right for you.

They’re made of a stretchy material called Lycra, which makes it easy to move around and play games.

But did you know that wearing a sensory body sock can help you in many ways? It can make you more aware of your body, help you balance and coordinate your movements, and even make you feel less worried and more relaxed.

However, some kids might not like the feeling of being inside a body sock or find it too much to handle at first.

So it’s important to take things slowly and give yourself time to get used to it.

And not all kids with autism need to use a body sock to feel better, so it’s always good to ask your therapist for advice.

Overall, wearing a sensory sox can be a fun and helpful way for kids with ASD to feel better in their own bodies.

So if you’re curious about trying it out, go ahead and give it a go!

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Reasons Why Sensory Body Socks Beneficial for Kids

Source: Fun and Function

Hey, do you want to learn about a fun new way to play with your child with ASD? A body sock is a stretchy, cozy fabric that your child can wear that will help them feel more comfortable and in control of their body.

It can also be a great tool for sensory activities!

One way to use a body sock is for “deep pressure” activities, which means putting pressure on different parts of the body.

This can help your child feel calm and regulated.

You can gently press on their arms, legs, or back while they’re lying down in the body sock.

Another way to use a body sock is for “vestibular input” activities, which means activities that involve movement.

These activities can help improve your child’s balance and spatial awareness.

You can swing them back and forth or spin them around safely while they’re standing up in the body sock.

Using a body sock can be super fun and have many benefits for children with ASD.

It can help them feel in control of their body, feel more relaxed, and improve their balance and spatial awareness.

But it’s important to remember that not all children with ASD will enjoy using a body sock, so make sure to respect your child’s preferences and needs.

It’s also important to supervise them while they’re using the body sock.

According to Gemma Clare, the author of wonderbaby.org(2), the body sock has the proprioceptive input and deep pressure which can help calming children.

In conclusion, using a body sock can be a great way to engage your child with ASD and help with sensory regulation.

So, why not give it a try and see how much fun you can have together?

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Using Sensory Body Sock for Sensory Activities

Can Body Sock Calm Kids with ASD
Source: etsy.com

If you have a child with ASD, you might be searching for cool and enjoyable ways to do sensory activities.

That’s where a body sock can come in handy! It’s like a stretchy pajama for your body that can help your child feel more comfy and in charge of their body resulted in improved body awareness.

One way to use a body sock is for “deep pressure” activities.

This just means applying gentle pressure to different parts of the body, which can feel calming and help with sensory stuff.

For instance, your child could lie down in the body sock while you gently press on different parts of their body.

Another way to use a body sock is for “vestibular” activities.

This means doing things that involve movement and can help with balance and understanding where your body is in space.

Like, your child could stand up in the sensory sox and gently sway back and forth, or spin around carefully.

Using a body sock for sensory activities can do lots of good things! It can help your child feel more in control of their body, get better at balancing and understanding where their body is, and feel calm and relaxed.

Plus, these activities can be fun and make good memories with your child.

But it’s important to remember that not all children with sensory processing disorder or ASD will like using a body sock, and that’s okay.

Everyone has their own things they like and don’t like! And it’s always important to be careful and watch over your child while they use the body sock, to make sure they’re safe.

Overall, using a body sock for the activities can be a great way to do fun stuff with your child and help them with sensory things like sensory input.

If you’re interested in trying it out, a body sock might be just what you need to improve fine motor skills or dynamic movement!

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Using It as a “Calm Space”

Can Body Sock Calm Kids with ASD product img 20221003
Source: toparchery.com

Sometimes kids with ASD can get really overwhelmed by their surroundings.

But there’s something that can help – a sensory sock! It’s like a cozy, stretchy cocoon that kids can go into when they need to feel calm and safe.

The soft fabric of the body sock gives a gentle pressure, like a big hug or being wrapped up in a blanket.

With deep pressure stimulation for children, this helps kids with ASD to calm down and feel less anxious.

They can also use it to comfort themselves when they feel upset or stressed.

The body sock is especially useful when kids are in loud or crowded places that can be too much to handle.

It creates a little space like sensory room for them where they feel in control and protected.

They can also use it to transition between activities or places.

One great thing about the body sock is that it’s easy to bring with you wherever you go, like to school or on a trip.

But it’s important to remember that it’s just one tool to help with sensory needs, and should be used together with other strategies.

Overall, the body sock is a great tool for kids with ASD who need a safe and calming place to help them manage their emotions and sensory overload.

And in therapy sessions, some pediatric occupational therapist apply body sock sensory to help children with ASD.

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Improving Motor Skills with It

A body sock is a cool stretchy fabric that can aid kids with ASD get better at moving their bodies.

The sock is tight and stretchy, so it makes it harder to move, but that’s a good thing! It helps kids build up their muscles and get better at balancing and controlling their movements.

The sock also helps kids understand where their body is in space, which is really important for learning how to move well.

Scientists have studied how using a body sock can aid kids with ASD who crave sensory input get better at moving, and they found that it really works! Kids who used the sock got much better at big movements like crawling and rolling around.

That’s super cool!

Did you know why body sock is a fun tool? There are lots of fun ways to use the sensory sox to aid kids that are sensory seekers to get better at moving, resulted in improved gross motor skills.

Kids can crawl or roll around in it, or pretend they are a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

Kids can even try yoga poses in body socks, such as downward dog pose or tree pose!

Kids can also try new things like jumping and spinning in the sock to get even better at moving their bodies.

Remember, the body sox isn’t the only thing that can aid kids get better at moving.

It’s important to talk to a grown-up like a doctor or occupational therapist to figure out the best way to use the sock for your body.

The sock is just one tool to help kids get stronger and better at moving, but it’s a really fun one, even it is possible to create obstacle course!

What’s the bottom line?


So, can body socks help kids with ASD feel calmer? Definitely! As someone who works with kids with autism, I’ve seen how amazing body socks can be.

They give a nice, cozy hug feeling that helps kids feel safe and in control of their bodies.

This can make them less worried, better at managing their feelings, and happier overall with deep pressure input.

If your child has trouble dealing with too much noise or feeling overwhelmed, you might want to try a body sock.

It might seem like magic!


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