About Us

Dazzling colors, exclusive designs and the comfort of pure Pima cotton - Soul Socks for men and women

Soul Socks was born in 2013 out of the realization that there really is limited opportunity for guys to express themselves in the business world. Suits, slacks, and dress shirts – we realized our wardrobe choices were really coming down to a blue or white button down.

Soul Socks - not boring!Socks give guys (and gals) a chance to stay colorful and remember that life isn’t too serious. Our hope is that we can bring some fun to first-quality socks and offer our customer exclusive styles at a low price point. 

Why wait for great socks?
We started the company as a sock-of-the-month club subscription service, but decided in 2019 that we could offer an even better value by bundling multiple pairs of socks for single purchases. And, because sending 7 or 12 pairs of socks uses about the same amount of packaging and handling as a single pair, we're doing our small part to reduce waste in the environment.