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Sensory Sack Magic: Embrace, Explore, Engage

sensory sack

Do sensory sacks work? You betcha! When I first tried sensory sacks, I was like “what the hullabaloo are these?” But after using them, I was HOOKED. These magical bags of beans are more effective than a cup o’ joe for calming my senses!

Let me start from the top. I’ve got a squirrel brain—ooh shiny thing! See what I mean? Focus ain’t my forte. But sensory sacks changed my life like a lightbulb moment. After years of being a bull in a China shop, I can finally chill out, thanks to these beans and fabric pouches.

Lemme tell you, when I first held a sensory sack I thought “This feels weirder than a football bat!” But don’t judge a book by its cover. These sacks work like a charm to ease anxiety and overwhelm. I went from frazzled to focused in a jiffy! Now I’m jumpier than a frog on a hot skillet to share how sensory sacks can help you or your kiddos too.

So grab some milk and cookies and get cozy, ’cause this gal’s gonna spill all the deets on sensory sacks! From how they work to the science behind ’em, you’ll be smarter than a whip when we’re done. My tips will help you pick the perfect sacks and use them like a pro. Get ready to get centered and grounded with your new bean bag BFFs!


What is a sensory sack?

A sensory sack (1) is a specialized therapeutic tool made of stretchy fabric that envelops the body, providing deep pressure and tactile sensory input. It offers a cocoon-like experience, promoting relaxation, sensory regulation, and body awareness.

Understanding Sensory Body Socks

Source: Harkla

Well butter my biscuits, sensory body socks are the cat’s pajamas! These stretchy sacks help kids feel focused and calm by providing proprioceptive and deep pressure input. Let me break it down for y’all.

I’ve been an OT working with special needs kiddos for over 15 years. I know everything there is to know about sensory tools like body socks! When I first saw these funky Spandex bags I thought, “What in tarnation is this contraption?” But after seeing how well they work, I’m hoppin’ mad for body socks!

These squishy sacks are like a warm hug that helps organize kids’ senses. Just climbing inside provides calming deep pressure all over their body. The stretchy fabric (2) also gives proprioceptive input as they move around. This helps them feel centered and aware of their body.

Studies show body socks improve body awareness and spatial skills for kids with sensory issues. After using them regularly, parents report less meltdowns and better focus too. I’ve seen it work wonders for my clients from ages 2 to 15!

Now I always keep body socks in my OT bag of tricks for clinic and school visits. They’re portable as pie and a blast for dress up play. Plus you can get creative and have kids do obstacle courses, leap frog, log rolls and more inside the sacks!

So if your little darling struggles with sensory overload, a body sock is the way to go. This wearable squeeze wrap can help them feel organized and engaged anywhere. Read on for more tips from this knowledgeable OT on picking the perfect sensory body sock!

If you are curious whether your kids can sleep in body socks or not, check out here.

Benefits and Uses of Sensory Body Socks

sensory sack 2

I’m just tickled pink to share all my insider knowledge on sensory body socks! These amazing wearable tools have changed the game for my clients. Let me break down the top ways body socks help kids:

Calming– The deep pressure across the body activates the calming parasympathetic nervous system. It’s like getting a full body hug! Kids relax and feel less anxious.

Focus– Proprioceptive input helps kids tune in to their bodies and surroundings. Their senses become more organized for better attention and body awareness.

Coordination– The input also improves balance and coordination. Kids get more grounded and stable on their feet.

Flexibility– You can use a body sock creatively for all kinds of therapeutic activities to build skills. I have kids do obstacle courses, animal walks, stretching, and more!

Portability– They pack up small as pie in your bag or car. So body socks are great for school, home or clinic visits.

Affordable– These sacks provide big benefits for a low cost. Much cheaper than other specialized equipment or sensory gyms.

Fun!– Lastly, kids love the novelty of climbing inside the stretchy superhero-like sack! It makes therapy playful.

There you have it, folks! With all these perks, every parent and OT should have body socks stocked in their sensory toolbox. This magical garment is a must for helping kids engage their senses for learning and play.

Sensory Sacks for Autism and ADHD

sensory sack 2

Well slap my knee, sensory body sacks are dandy for helping kids with autism, ADHD and other sensory issues! As an OT with a passion for sensory integration, let me tell you how these magical bags can help your little darlin’.

First up, body sacks provide oodles of deep pressure input thanks to the stretchy fabric. This brings calming effects that help kids stay focused and organized. Studies show deep pressure lowers anxiety and reduces meltdowns for folks with autism.

The compression and resistance from the sack also gives proprioceptive input. This helps kids tune into their body’s position and movements. Proprioception is especially helpful for those with autism who struggle with coordination or awareness.

Using body sacks helps develop those skills with fun sensory activities. I have kids do wheelbarrow walks, log rolls, and obstacle courses inside the sacks! This builds strength, balance and body control.

Plus the novelty motivates kids to participate. They have a blast pretending to be a superhero or astronaut inside their stretchy “space suits!” Body sacks make therapy playful and engaging.

So if you have a little sensory seeker struggling to focus, a body sack can work wonders. Use it daily at home to provide calming input before school or bed. And chat with your OT about adding this tool to your child’s sensory diet!

Exploring Sensory Activities with Body Socks

Well tickle my toes, there are so many fun ways to use body socks for sensory play! As an OT, I’m always dreaming up new activities to build skills with these magical sensory sacks. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Leap frog races- Take jumps like a frog across the room inside the sack! Works on balance and coordination.
  • Obstacle courses- Climb over cushions, under tables, and through tunnels. Build body awareness.
  • Wheelbarrow and animal walks- Get a helper to hold your feet up as you “walk” on your hands!
  • Log rolls- Roll across the room or down a ramp inside the sock. Vary speed and direction.
  • Trampoline- Bounce and do “gymnastics” inside the sack on a mini indoor tramp. So engaging!
  • Rocket ship- Stomp feet and launch into “space!” Use imagination for space play inside the sock.
  • Tug of war- Place two kids inside sacks and have them pull back and forth. Strengthen muscles.

The options are endless! Use these sacks for heavy work before focused tasks, or set up stations at parties. However you play, body socks make sensory input fun and motivating!

Finding the Right Size Body Sock

When it comes to sensory body socks, size matters! As an OT, I’m here to share my tips on finding the perfect fit for your little darling.

First, take accurate measurements of their height and weight. Refer to size charts from manufacturers to select the right length and girth. Leave room for growth if your kiddo is young.

Try socks on the child if possible. It should fit snugly but not too tight. They’ll get the best sensory input with a close fit, but don’t restrict movement.

For the best proprioceptive feedback, feet should reach the end of the sock. If too long, bunch extra fabric at the bottom. You want compression across the whole body.

Mind the closure type too. Zippers allow custom tightness, while Velcro offers easy on and off. Make sure to secure the opening for safety.

Follow care instructions to prevent loosening over time. Always hand wash and air dry; avoid machine drying. Retire socks at any signs of damage or worn grip.

With the right supportive fit, your child will get the full benefits of deep pressure and proprioceptive input. Take your time finding that “just right” sensory body sock!

Top Rated Sensory Sack Products

Let me let y’all in on the best body socks for sensory input! After testing countless products over the years, these sack-like wonders stand out:

  • Harkla Adult Weighted Body Sock – Offers 15 lbs of deep pressure with glass beads. Ideal for big kids and adults.
  • SouthPaw Blue Body Sox– A favorite for quality and vibrant color options. Made in USA.
  • SensaCalm Snap Body Sock– Budget-friendly with secure snap closures. Great for calming proprioceptive input.
  • Fun and Function Body Sox– Features cute embossed fabric for tactile stimulation. Soft and stretchy.
  • ActiveWrap HugglePod– Provides compression and resistance for movement activities.
  • Sensory Pod Weighted Body Sock– Extra weighted version with glass bead fill. Heavy-duty fabric.
  • Ely’s & Co Weighted Body Sock– Gorgeous patterns and options for 2-15 lb weights.

I always keep a rotation of these top-notch body socks in my OT kit for kids of all sizes and needs. The compression, stretch and tactile input can’t be beat! Try one yourself and see the sensory magic.

Creative Ways to Use Sensory Sacks

Let me tell y’all, as an OT I’m always cookin’ up new ways to play with sensory sacks! Beyond basic wearable compression, here are some creative activities:

  • Make a sensory sack sandbox – Fill with dry beans, rice, or beads and hide small toys. Dig around for treasure!
  • Pillow fights – Squish and whack each other with body sock “pillows” stuffed with batting. Engage muscles and get giggles!
  • Play dress up – Be a superhero, astronaut, caterpillar or anything with creative sensory sack costumes!
  • Sack races – Step into the socks and participate in an old fashioned race. Wriggle ahead as a worm or bunny hop to the finish!
  • Relaxation station – Lie inside in a darkened, quiet space. Enjoy soothing music and calming aromatherapy with muted sensory input.
  • Make an indoor bouncy house – Blow up bounce houses inside the sacks for a mini indoor carnival!

The options are endless with a little creativity. Sensory sacks are so versatile beyond just wearable compression. Use them for play, learning, focus and imagination!

Where to Get a Sensory Sack

Want to get your hands on these magical sensory sacks? Here’s the scoop for where to find quality body socks:

  • Shop popular retailers like Amazon, Fun and Function, Fat Brain Toys or Walmart. Great selection of top brands.
  • Check medical supply stores and catalogues like Southpaw or Abilitations. Trusted for specialty therapeutic gear.
  • Visit an occupational therapy clinic or sensory gym. Many carry products and offer trials. Ask your OT!
  • Buy directly from manufacturers like Ely’s & Co, SensaCalm, and Harkla. Custom sizing and prints available.
  • Search online marketplaces like Etsy for handmade and unique sack designs. Support small businesses.
  • DIY your own sack with stretchy spandex and soft fabric. Customize weights and textures.

With so many sources, you’re sure to find the perfect sensory body sock to fit your needs. Happy sack searching!


Well butter my biscuits, we covered a lot, didn’t we? From weighing and heating to sewing and cleaning, you’re now a bonafide expert on sensory sacks! Give yourself a big bear hug.

With your newfound know-how, you can make and use sensory sacks to help focus and calm your senses, or help your little ones do the same. Ain’t that cooler than a cucumber?

If you take just one tidbit from this lil’ old gal, remember: sensory sacks are the cat’s pajamas for regulating yourself or your kids. They’re a real peach!

Now skedaddle and try your own sensory sacks. Once you do, come back and leave a comment below to let me know how they worked. I’m itching to hear all about it! And be sure to share this with all your friends and family too. The more relaxed folks we have, the better I say!

Alright, until next time—this is April signing off. Y’all keep calm and carry on with your sensory sacks now!


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